How To Join Us


The 'too good to be true' page

We pride ourselves on offering a powerful and unique system at an unbeatable price.  Join the ever growing network of schools and organisations that are embracing ODISSYS.

Lets go on a journey.

·       Next-generation child protection and safeguarding system

·       Cutting-edge pupil wellbeing monitoring system

·       Access to evidence-based and data-driven decision making

·       Enhanced network collaboration and knowledge-sharing

·       Cost savings allowing for optimised resource allocation

·       Elevating academic standards

·        Full system access – Never will features be hidden behind paywalls

·        Unbeatable Value

And it couldn’t be easier…..

Step 1

Complete the subscription registration page.

Step 2

Register your school. 

Step 3

Upload you school roll via our secure service.

Step 4

Encourage school staff to register.

Step 5

Embrace ODISSYS.

(Up to 50 Users)


Once a 51st user has been registered you will automatically be moved to the next bracket with the accompanying price increase indicated below.

(51 - 100 users)


There is no point signing up to the more costly subscription if you arent going to use it.  If you do select the 51-100 users option, you will be automatically signed up to the 1-50 users monthly subscription until the 51st user has been registered, at which point the monthly subscription will automatically increase.  


If you envisage more that 100 users, please get in contact with us and we can discuss your needs.

But not only that...
We Also Support Children Directly

Not only have we developed a tool that has the potential to improve the lives of young people nationwide.  We are also investing in front line therapeutic support.  

The provision we will be supporting is The Baxter Project.  A therapeutic animal assisted early intervention that’s making waves in the wellbeing sector.  We understand that school budgets are being slashed and it’s forcing schools to disengage with this fabulous provision.  We hope to help make The Baxter Project affordable for all.